Carpet Cleaning Pocatello, ID

Pocatello Carpet Cleaning Services with Sunrise Cleaning is dedicated to providing exceptional cleaning services in Pocatello, Idaho. With over 35 years of experience, our team is here to help you achieve a clean and fresh-smelling home or office. We specialize in a variety of cleaning services, including residential and commercial carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, specialty rug cleaning, pet odor and stain treatment, tile and grout cleaning, dryer vent cleaning, and air duct cleaning.

Residential Carpet Cleaning

Our Pocatello residential carpet cleaning service is designed to help you make a lasting first impression on your guests. A clean home with fresh-smelling carpets free of debris, stains, and dust can make all the difference. Even if your carpet is many years old, we can make it look brand new again. Routine carpet cleaning is essential for keeping your home free of toxins and allergens, as well as for maintaining better air quality. Breathing in dust that has been sitting in your carpets for years is not good for your health, especially if you have allergies.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

High traffic in commercial spaces can cause carpets to get dirty quickly, trapping dirt deep into the fibers if not cleaned regularly. Our Pocatello commercial carpet cleaning services are designed to help maintain a professional and presentable workplace with spotless, fresh carpets. Nothing is more unprofessional than a dirty and unsightly workplace with stained carpets. Our specialized equipment can handle tough set-in stains and clean on a commercial level.

Upholstery Furniture Cleaning

We also offer furniture and upholstery cleaning services for your home or office furniture. Many people overlook cleaning beyond vacuuming their couches, but we ensure that your furniture is fresh and ready to be used. Keep your investments looking their best with a good upholstery cleaning, and prevent them from appearing worn and dingy.

Specialty Rug Cleaning

At Sunrise Pocatello Carpet Cleaning Services, we have decades of experience in caring for expensive and high-quality rugs. We understand that Oriental rugs and designer rugs require special attention and care to ensure their quality is not damaged. We ensure that your rug is spotless and clean, making you think you just got a new rug.

Pet Odor and Stain Treatment

Pets are part of our family, but they can be tough on our carpets. Accidents happen, and pet hair and dander can fall deep into your carpets, causing unpleasant smells. We offer specialized pet stain and odor treatments to rid your carpets of unpleasant smells and unsightly stains, ensuring that they are clean and free of pet dander.

Tile and Grout Cleaning

Tile flooring is a popular option that can be easier to keep clean than carpet, as dust does not get stuck deep into the fibers. However, grout can become dirtier when mopping it clean. Our team can take care of the difficult task of cleaning your grout and tile, ensuring they look as good as new.

Dryer Vent Cleaning

A build-up of lint in your dryer vent can cause a fire, making it important to clear the vent fully of any lint build-up. After a few years, dust will build up in your dryer over time, and if it is taking longer and longer to run your dryer cycles, it may be time for a good cleaning. Our team can check your dryer and let you know if it needs a good cleaning.

Air Duct Cleaning

Dust can accumulate in air ducts, causing mold and bacteria to grow, which can then be blown throughout your home when you turn on your air or heat. This can lead to breathing in dirty air and allergens. Our team offers air duct cleaning services and has the proper equipment to clean or avoid mold in your vents.

Why Choose Pocatello Carpet Cleaning Services?

Pocatello professional cleaning services are essential for maintaining a clean, healthy, and presentable home, office, or workplace. Sunrise Carpet Cleaning Services in Pocatello, Idaho offers a wide range of cleaning services, including residential and commercial carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, specialty rug cleaning, pet odor and stain treatment, tile and grout cleaning, dryer vent cleaning, and air duct cleaning. With over 35 years of experience in the industry, we have the knowledge, skills, and expertise to ensure that your carpets, rugs, upholstery, ducts, and vents are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized. Contact us today for a free quote and experience the benefits of professional cleaning services for yourself.

Eliminate Harmful Toxins

Carpet fibers can trap toxins and allergens, including dust mites, dander and dirt. Eliminate these toxins in your valuable home furnishings and save yourself the expense of having to replace them by getting them professionally cleaned. Regular cleaning will not only help to maintain their appearance, but also improve the air quality in your home, office or workplace.

Improve Air Quality

Dirty carpets, rugs, and upholstery can contribute to poor indoor air quality, which can affect the health of you and your loved ones. Allergens such as dust, pollen, pet dander, and mold spores can accumulate in your carpets and upholstery, leading to respiratory problems such as asthma and allergies. Professional cleaning services can effectively remove these allergens, ensuring that your indoor air quality is improved.

Save Time and Effort

Cleaning carpets, rugs, and upholstery can be a daunting task, especially for those with busy schedules or physical limitations. Hiring professional cleaning services can save you time and effort, allowing you to focus on other important aspects of your life. Additionally, professional cleaning services have access to specialized equipment and cleaning solutions that are not available to the average person, ensuring that your carpets and upholstery are cleaned thoroughly and effectively.

Expertise and Experience

Professional cleaning services have years of experience and expertise in the industry. They have the knowledge and skills to effectively clean all types of carpets, rugs, upholstery, ducts, and vents, ensuring that your home or workplace is clean and healthy. They also have access to the latest technology and equipment, ensuring that your carpets and upholstery are cleaned to the highest standard.

Increased Lifespan of Carpets and Upholstery

Regular cleaning of carpets, rugs, and upholstery can extend their lifespan, saving you the expense of having to replace them prematurely. Dirt and debris can cause wear and tear on your carpets and upholstery, leading to a shorter lifespan. Professional cleaning services can effectively remove this dirt and debris, ensuring that your carpets and upholstery look great for years to come.

Kaitlyn Jones
Kaitlyn Jones
April 8, 2022.
Sunrise Cleaning came in and cleaned our carpets after a kitchen remodel. They did an excellent job! Very professional and friendly! Darren and Teagan are great to work with! Will definitely call them again and I highly recommend their service!!
Robyn Holmgren
Robyn Holmgren
January 5, 2022.
My dryer wouldn’t dry so I called Sunrise to clean out my dryer vent. Wow! What they cleaned out was amazing! A fire could have easily started from all of the lint. They were professional and honest. The job was done quickly and our dryer works perfectly now.
Stephen Grant
Stephen Grant
September 1, 2021.
Darren and his staff do an amazing job! Sunrise has done hundreds of carpet cleaning jobs for us, and he has always been on time and ready to work. We're planning on working with Darren and Sunrise Cleaning for years to come. A+++
Bryan Atkins
Bryan Atkins
July 28, 2021.
Very happy with Teagan and the crew at Sunrise. They were quick to respond and did a great job cleaning our carpet. Will definitely have them work at our place again!
Derek Allen
Derek Allen
June 1, 2021.
They were awesome! They were booked out and I let them know my schedule. They were able to squeeze me in and got everything cleaned really fast. And it’s so clean!! It seriously feels good to walk barefoot on my carpet again. Very professional and accommodating. Very good price. And I am using them again next time for sure!
Braxton Skidmore
Braxton Skidmore
May 19, 2021.
All expectations were exceeded. They even left air movers for 24 hrs to dry things out quicker.
Deb Nowatzki
Deb Nowatzki
May 11, 2021.
Great job on the carpets! We had a stain that didn't come all the way out the first time, so they came back and got it taken care of. Friendly and helpful.