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We know that the things you use to decorate your home are significant. These items are pieces you have picked to create a particular feeling inside your home. Houses are meant to be lived in so no matter how careful you are, things in your home are going to get dirty, especially for the items that are on your floors such as rugs. You may have oriental rugs or designer area rugs to serve as great decoration as well as protection. What some people do not know is that oriental rugs and designer area rugs require special attention and care. They often represent a significant investment and deserve the special attention that only our certified Idaho Falls technicians at Sunrise Cleaning can provide. We know that rugs can come at a significant cost and are here to help care for the investments that you put into your rugs.

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What Is The Rug Cleaning Process?


We will come to take a look at the rugs that you are wanting to have cleaned. We inspect the rug’s overall condition, taking note of any areas that may need extra attention or parts of the rug that we need to be careful with while cleaning. We want to be sure that our process will give you the results that you are looking for. 

Vacuum Front and Back 

Next, we use industrial vacuums to vacuum the back and front of the rug. The vacuum will pull any dirt, food, and hair from the rug. This way when we do start to actually clean the rug, we aren’t just scrubbing in or moving around the dirt within the rug. When we start the cleaning, we want to be sure that we are making things cleaner and not dirtier.

Test for Color Fastness

It is vital that before we put any water on the rug, we test for color fastness. Testing for colorfastness means that we check to ensure that the colors of the rug won’t run when in contact with water. The way we do this is by getting a white cloth wet and pressing it against the rug. If any color shows up on the cloth, we know that the rug is not safe to get wet or the colors will run. 

Clean and Rinse

Once the rug has gone through all the previous steps, it is ready to be cleaned. We use our specialized cleaning solutions that are able to pull out dirt while being delicate with the fabric. The rug is soaked in water to loosen up anything that is trapped within the rug and a special tool is used to clean the rug as it soaks. Once the entire rug has been cleaned, we will rinse the rug with water. We will repeat this process until the rug is in pristine condition and clean. 

Attention to Fringes

Throughout a rug’s life, there is a good chance that the fringes on it may start to come loose. We will take time to repair any of the loose fringes so they do not continue to get worse. We want your rug to look brand new when returned to you so this is another important step in our process. 

Speed Drying 

We hang the rug up off the ground for it to dry once it is clean and the fringes are taken care of. The room that they are hung up in to dry has climate control and air circulation in order to speed up the drying process. Depending on the size of your rug, drying times may vary but we try to get your rug back to you in a timely manner. 

Rolled and Tied for Delivery

When the rug is completely dry, we get it ready to be delivered back to your home. We will carefully roll it up and tie it so it stays rolled up. We will call you once it is ready for pickup. If your vehicle is not large enough or you are not able to get it, we can deliver it to your home. If that is the case, we will carefully load it into one of our trucks to be delivered. We are sure that your rug will not be damaged while being transported to your home.

Choose Sunrise Cleaning in Idaho Falls 

You can trust Sunrise Cleaning to take special care of your investment. Our certified technicians know the sensitive care and cleaning that is required to keep your valuable rugs looking like new. Using special cleaning agents with lower Ph factor, and lower water temperatures, the natural fibers of your rugs are gently cleaned to bring back that beautiful look. We have years of experience that allows us to return your rug to you in a timely manner and get you the results that you want for your oriental and area rugs. Please call us today with any questions or concerns that you may have, we are happy to come out and take a look at the rugs you own and see how we can help you. Choose us for your area rug and oriental rug cleaning in Idaho Falls. 


How often should I have my oriental rugs and area rugs cleaned?

This can vary depending on how much traffic your rug is getting and how soiled your rugs are. Depending on those two factors, you should get your rug cleaned every 1-3 years. If you have pets and young children you might consider cleaning them more often. Accidents happen, and spots and stains would cause you to need to clean your rugs sooner. 

My vehicle is small, will I need to pick up my rug after cleaning?

Once your rug is cleaned, we will roll it and tie it. If the rug is too large for your vehicle or you are not able to pick it up we will deliver it to your home in Idaho Falls and the surrounding areas. 

How long will the rug cleaning take?

From the time that you drop off the rug until it is ready for pick up is about 2 weeks. There may be times that it takes less or more time, but we value getting things done in a timely manner. 

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