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5 Major Benefits to Remodeling your Bathroom

By June 23, 2022No Comments

Bathrooms are easily one of the most trafficked rooms of any home. It’s one of the rooms you want to always be looking fresh and clean in case company arrives. We rely on our bathrooms for so much that they often need a little extra TLC. Remodeling and updating your bathroom is not only a nice upgrade to your home but also to your bottom line. Here are 5 benefits that will make updating your bathroom worth your while:

Increase your Home’s Value

Whether you are planning to sell or not, it is always good to invest in our homes. However, a remodeled, modern bathroom is sure to catch a buyer’s eye. Bathrooms can make or break a sale. Buyers are looking for great water pressure, clean sturdy appliances, and efficient lighting. While an updated bathroom can be a great luxury to enjoy, it could also make your home a quick sale.

Damage Repair

I can’t be the only one who has lived way too long with a leaky bathroom sink, or a toilet that has you praying every time you flush. Repairing old or damaged pipes and bathroom appliances is a huge benefit to remodeling. These repairs can save you from the dangers of flooding and mold.

Energy Efficiency

It is amazing how they are always coming up with something new to help us conserve energy. There are efficient appliances to help cut down on water usage as well as light fixtures that cut down on energy usage while still keeping things bright. Not only are these great selling points for a marketed home, but they also help cut down on your energy bill.


Outdated bathrooms can be really difficult to add your own style to. If only my shower curtain were long enough to hide my pink bathtub! Remodeling is a way for you to take that power back and really make it your own. Modern bathrooms are also a very desirable trait for those looking to buy.

Increase Storage

I have never heard anyone wishing that their home had less storage. Bathroom remodels are a great opportunity to add space and storage for all the items you may need. Bathrooms are used for so many necessary daily tasks. Towels alone require an immense amount of space. Additional storage will really help to keep things organized and clutter-free.

Sunrise Cleaning and Restoration is now pleased to be offering remodeling services! We understand that a bathroom remodel will have one of the largest returns when it comes to your home’s value as well as your personal satisfaction. Let us be your Idaho Falls bathroom remodel contractor. We can’t wait to help make your dreams a reality! Contact us for a quote or to answer any questions that you may have!