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8 Steps of the Contents Restoration Process

By June 21, 2022No Comments

Contents restoration applies to many types of items that may become damaged after a disaster. Contents restoration services are just as important in the rebuilding phase because it includes everything housed within the four walls of a property. Sunrise Cleaning’s contents restoration team know how valuable items are to our clients and our professionals know how to diligently handle the process.






Sunrise Cleaning can restore clothing, antiques and collectibles, furniture, photos, electronics, vital records, fine art, office equipment, books, files, magazines, and manuscripts…and much more!

8 Step Contents Restoration Process

  1. Contents specialist assesses job on site.
  2. Items are inventoried on site.
  3. A well trained, courteous, and professional team packs out the contents to be cleaned.
  4. When back at the contents facility, the items are sent to various stations depending on categories like soft goods, furniture, hard contents, electronics, ect.
  5. Cleaning process begins!
  6. Items that need odor treatment are taken to a special room.
  7. Items are then repacked according contents organization and stored in climate controlled room.
  8. Upon completion of the job, items are returned to the customer.

The benefits of contents restoration are that it saves the insured and insurance companies several thousand dollars per year!  Contents restoration is the smart choice, as most insurance companies would rather restore than replace.

Call Sunrise Cleaning for all of your contents restoration needs!  208-529-4762