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Removing Carpet Stains Your Kids Create

By June 23, 2022No Comments

If you have kids you know that anything you put in their hands or their mouths has about a 90% chance of ending up on the floor. Here are six of the most common carpet stains our kids create and tips on how to properly remove them.

1. Juices

Of course our kiddos want the darkest colored juice in existence. They can’t be interested in a subtle apple when grape is around. We do our best to police our children to drink those threatening liquids only at the table, or only from a spill proof glass. But those little tricksters always find a way around our boundaries and you are left with an empty sippy cup and a stained floor.

Tip: ACT FAST: the best way to prevent staining in this situation is to quickly blot up the spill before adding your go to carpet cleaner.

2. Candies and Chocolate

These items are most likely found hardened and entangled in the carpet fibers. I swear I pick a sticky fruit snack out of my carpet every single day. At least these messes are usually contained to a small area. The real trick is finding where they are hidden.

Tip: PICK IT OUT: if the candy has hardened take the time to carefully pick it from the carpet fibers to prevent the mess from spreading and fraying the fibers.

3. Chewing Gum

This takes sticky mess to a whole new level. Gum can’t just be picked out of a carpet with ease. Let’s just hope it doesn’t end up on the bottom of your shoe as well.

Tip: ICE AND ACETONE: Before resorting to chemicals, try to ice the area to harden the gum and reduce the stick. If that doesn’t do the trick try a small amount of acetone.

4. Bodily Fluids

New parents will soon learn that if the human body can create it, you will be the one to clean it up. Your carpets are threatened by numbers one and two, spit, vomit and even blood. It takes a while for tiny humans to learn to control their bodily functions, but our carpets pay the price.

Tip: ODOR NEUTRALIZER: to clean up these messes it is crucial that you utilize an odor neutralizer like vinegar or baking soda.

5. Markers

We, as parents, are always rooting for our child’s creativity, but when the marker misses the paper, its hard to hold in our frustration. No need to lose your cool, even marker can be cleaned from your carpet.

Tip: ALCOHOL: use a little bit of rubbing alcohol and a damp cloth to dab up a marker stain.

6. Mud/Dirt

Stains aren’t even the worst of it. Just the constant tracking of outside messes takes a toll on our carpets. Frequently trafficked areas get the worst of it.

Tip: Vacuum frequently and carefully. Take your time to really vacuum those areas of your home that see the most pitter-pattering of little feet.

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