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Do You Have Mold? 8 Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Mold Remediation Company

By June 15, 2022No Comments

Finding mold or other similar problems in your home or business can be a devastating experience. The disruption it causes is can be very unsettling.

At Sunrise Cleaning, we understand the nature of smoke, fire, water, and mold damage, and more importantly, we understand the emotional toll it can take on our clients.  Our primary goal is to help put your life back to normal as quickly as possible. You and yours deserve to live in a healthy home all year round. Never hesitate to investigate any suspicion of mold.

Tackling the mold issue yourself can often make matters worse, as opening up a wall without proper containment can exacerbate the problem.Finding a qualified remediation company, one who understands the potential hazards of improper remediation can be difficult. In addition, we have put together a list of questions to ask before hiring a mold remediation company.

Here are 8 questions we recommend that you ask a mold remediation company, along with the proper answers:

Q:  Do you consider mold to be a potential health hazard?
A:  First of all, remediators are not health practitioners, they should understand the toxic nature of indoor water damage. Furthermore, they should be aware of the term mycotoxin and know the difference between a mold allergy and a toxic response to a poisonous substance.

Q:  Do you recommend testing the environment?
A: YES! Testing ensures the success or failure of the project and should never be dismissed by a professional mold remediation company.

Q:  Do you document your work?
A: YES! Contractors should document all work with digital photos and proper documentation.

Q:  Do you contain the area properly?
A:  This is critical. If the contractor dismisses the need for containment, dismiss them immediately! Proper containment includes plastic sheeting and some protection at the entrance to the containment site to avoid cross-contamination.

Q:  Is your company insured?
A:  The answer should be yes.  Some contractors operate without any type of insurance—which may bring down their pricing, but could cost you more in the end. Furthermore, look for someone who is legitimate when it comes to their business practices.

Q:  Do your workers wear protective gear?
A:  The answer must be yes. Anyone entering the site should be outfitted with proper hazmat suits, respirators, safety glasses, and disposable shoe covers.

Q:  How do you dispose of waste material?
A: It is important that the person coming to do the mold inspection knows proper disposal methods. Proper disposal of ALL waste material is essential. Any waste items that are removed from the site must be double bagged and removed immediately!  Waste removal items SHOULD NEVER BE STORED ON THE PREMISES!

Q:  Do you wrap your equipment?
A: YES!  ALL equipment should be wrapped in fresh containment wrap before entering the work site.

For more specifics on mold remediation, see Aerobiological Solutions’ A Condensed Remediation Plan for Small Microbial Particles, which can be accessed at the website Surviving Mold.

Never let a contractor demean or dismiss your concerns or questions.  Consequently, if that happens it might be wise to look elsewhere for another mold remediation company.

Most of all, listen to your instincts. You are the expert when it comes to your health and the health of your family.