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Flood & Water Damage

By June 15, 2022No Comments

Regardless of whether we like winter weather or not, winter is fast approaching.  With winter comes freezing temperatures that in some cases can cause broken pipes resulting in flooding and water damage in your home or office.  If the flood and water damage isn’t taken care properly your home or office could also be subjected to mold, something nobody wants to deal with!

If you have ever had the misfortune of a flooded basement in your home or office, you know the importance of taking action FAST!! A quick response is critical to minimize flood damage to your property and contents.. You also realize that to properly dry the structure, carpet, pad and contents, requires highly specialize equipment.  Sunrise Cleaning proudly uses the TES DRYING SYSTEM.  TES is the latest and best in drying technology.

How It Works

TES is the latest in drying methods. The key to rapid, successful drying is HEAT. TES applies direct heat to the wet materials. Heating wet materials dramatically increases evaporation. This means Sunrise is able to dry your flooded home or business THREE TIMES FASTER than other methods used by other companies.

Heat Prevents Mold

Drying with high heat has another great benefit…it prevents and retards mold spores. TES drying generates enough heat to effectively prevent mold and bacteria growth in certain areas. Conventional drying uses many fans that must run 24 hours a day. This means your home can sound like an airport during the drying process. TES uses minimal fans and is whisper quiet.  Conventional drying can take 7 to 10 days…TES drying is normally 2 to 3 days.


Using “state of the art” equipment, technology, and techniques, Sunrise Cleaning can remove excess water and set up a drying system to have your home dry in as little as 3 days! As a full service restoration company, we are trained and experienced to handle any size job from start to finish.  We will work with your insurance company to put your life back to normal in a prompt and professional manner.

At Sunrise Cleaning, we understand the nature of smoke, fire, and flood damage, and more importantly, we understand the emotional toll. Our primary goal is to help put your life back to normal as quickly as possible. Sunrise Cleaning offers professional Flood Damage Services in Idaho Falls and all of Eastern Idaho. With our professional Flood Damage staff on the job, you can focus your efforts on other tasks going on in your life and allow us to assist in restoring your home.