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The Best Of The Best!

By June 21, 2022No Comments

Best Equipment, Best Service, Best Results!

Sunrise Cleaning is pleased to announce our newest edition to our “arsenal” of cleaning and restoration equipment.  We recently purchased a 2017 Chevrolet Van.  It is fully equipped with the newest and latest cleaning equipment and technology.  When it comes to the BEST Sunrise Cleaning delivers it EVERY TIME!

Sunrise Cleaning uses the newest and latest equipment so that YOU get the best results.  Our new van is fully equipped with the HydraMaster extraction unit.  Our van and unit include an on vehicle water source.  Using a truck mount is the best way to get carpets really clean as well as reduce time spent on the job.

Our HydraMaster can sustain much hotter water temperatures compared to it’s competition or portable units. Many machines out there reach temps of 230 degrees to 250 degrees, but during a typical cleaning cycle (or if a rotary tool is used), the actual temp drops drastically and can take too much time to recover—that causes carpet streaking.  HydraMaster truck mounts are designed to maintain precise temperature control with minimal variation, so you’re assured optimal sustained heat at all times.

The Best Equipment, The Best Service, The Best Results!

Sunrise Cleaning delivers the BEST EVERY TIME!