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3 Summer Home Disasters

By June 23, 2022No Comments

Home disasters can strike at any time, but some disasters are more common in certain seasons. As much as we would love a care free summer, you have to do everything you can to protect your home and family from summer home disasters. After enduring a rough Idaho winter, it’s easy to let your guard down when the weather improves. But, the cold and snow are not the only elements that can ensue disaster. Summer has its fair share of destructive weather.

While you can never predict a home disaster, you can still prepare. The first step is knowing what you might be up against. In life, there are always hundreds of things that could go wrong, but don’t get ahead of yourself. Let’s focus on common disasters that you can avoid and prepare for. Here are three common summer home disasters you should be on the look out for:


Yes, the weather is seemingly more intense in the winter, but summer storms hit fast and hard. By now we Idahoans know that rain and wind are nothing compared to that nasty hail. In a matter of seconds, a summer storm can cause extensive damage to your home. And if that isn’t enough, storms frequently lead to our second disaster: floods.

Flooding & Mold

Storms are a main cause of flooding, but they aren’t alone. Sprinklers and pools are often culprits as well. Even simple leaks inside your home are more likely in the summer. I know you are trying to forget about the mounds of eternal laundry, but just think about how hard your washing machine is working with all those clothes stinking with the fun of summer.

Mold creeps into your home with even the smallest of water leaks. Even when confined to a small area, mold is very dangerous. To keep your home safe from it this summer you should be doing the following;

  1. Check your home frequently for any leaky appliances
  2. Don’t leave sprinklers on unattended, especially near the home
  3. Supervise any pool/water related activities
  4. Call the Pros at Sunrise Cleaning to properly clean any flooding or mold damage


As far as home disasters go, this one burns, I mean takes, the cake. Home fires are absolutely dreadful. I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy. And you better believe that summer is the time. Living in southeastern Idaho, we are surrounded by forest fires nearly every summer. The dry heat we somehow survive is definitely a risk factor, but our summer lifestyles create more of a risk.

Summer is the time for grilling, roasting, and toasting. Please enjoy tons of s’mores, BBQ, and bonfires this summer; but be cautious of grill and cooking fires, and be sure to follow regulations when dealing with open flame. Even simple cooking fires are more common in the summer because we are just so dang distracted with all the fun of the outside world.

If, heaven forbid, you find yourself caught in a summer home disaster, know that Sunrise Cleaning is here to put the pieces back together. We are experts in all things mold, water damage, and fire. We will get your home back to previous (or better) condition so you can spend your time enjoying your summer! Contact us for quotes and answered questions. And don’t worry, we are available 24/7 for emergencies. Rest easy and have yourself a safe summer!