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Commercial Maintenance: You Have Options

By June 23, 2022No Comments

Professionalism is key to any business. Step one for keeping things professional, is keeping things clean. But every business is different. It is hard to find a commercial maintenance program to fit your specific needs. That’s why Sunrise Cleaning offers what we like to call the “Options” Maintenance Program. We work with you to fit your every need for cleaning and maintaining your place of business. Along with our revered Commercial Carpet Cleaning, you can select from a variety of cleaning services to fit your needs, your schedule, and most importantly, your budget.

By taking your budget, schedule and unique needs into consideration, we will fabricate a perfect program for you. Once your needs are fully understood, we will put together a plan for an entire year of cleaning services, with an affordable monthly rate. This commercial maintenance program is called “Options” for a reason, here are the many features you get to choose from:

Scheduled service for the entire year:

A solid schedule helps to keep things simple and organized. You can always count on Sunrise to be there when expected.

Emergency “Spill” coverage:

Face it, routine cleanings aren’t always enough. Stuff happens. Sunrise Cleaning will be there for you when it does.

Low monthly payments:

We match the proper cleaning method and maintenance schedule to fit any need and budget.

Tile and Grout Cleaning:

Carpets aren’t all we specialize in. Floors really take a beating, let us help you keep them shining like new.

Furniture Cleaning:

A well furnished lobby can make a lot of good impressions. Especially if you have Sunrise on your side keeping your furnishings looking their best.

Walk Off Mats:

Entrance ways become rapidly unsightly when not properly maintained. Keeping your floor mats cleaned consistently is your best bet.

Janitorial Services:

You can leave it all to the pros. No need to sweat the small stuff, we are here to help.

When it comes to maintaining a quality professional appearance for your office facility, nobody does a better job than Sunrise Cleaning. We understand how important it is to have top of the line commercial maintenance. We are confident that our Options Maintenance Program will work for any and all cleaning needs and budgets. Contact our scheduler today and let’s get a plan in place for you.