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Finishing Your Basement: What to Consider

By June 23, 2022No Comments

Remodeling your basement is an exciting and stressful project. A finished basement is great for your family, and with the added value, it’s great for your bottom line. Definitely one project that is worth the stress. If you are thinking about taking on this remodel, here are a few things you should consider:


First things first, you should get your basement inspected in its current state. You need to have a good knowledge of what you have to work with. An inspection will help you to best prevent any problems in the remodel process, and make a plan of action for any potential issues.

Get a Permit

Needing permission doesn’t have to be all that bad. This permit is definitely in your best interest. It requires an inspection which can help keep your contractor in check. A lot of people decide to skip the permit, but consequences aren’t worth it. And don’t you worry, it won’t burn a hole in your wallet.


Building codes can be a real…pain. So, it’s best to take them into consideration before the actual project begins. One big hiccup can be headroom. Building codes require a certain ceiling height for basements. If your basement, in its unfinished state, doesn’t meet that requirement it can be an expensive nightmare to get it up to code. Before taking on this project, make sure you know what you are in for.


Basements are known for holding moisture. Before digging into the time consuming remodel, get the moisture under control. You will want to check for any cracks in the foundation that will need sealed. Consider what you will need for long term moisture control like a sump pump or a floor drain. And make sure think about any outdoor factors that could lead to flooding like your gutter and sprinkler systems.

Noise Control

Basements are great for theater rooms, man caves, and offices. All of these rooms are especially enjoyable with at least some sound proofing. No matter what your plans for your basement, a good insulation can really make the difference.


Be sure to have a little fun with this one. After all, one of the best things about remodeling is adding your own personal touch. You get to make it your own! Just a little advice: don’t overthink it. Layouts are best when kept simple and functional. Try your best to utilize the space in the best way for you and your family.

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