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Where Bathroom Mold is Hiding

By June 23, 2022No Comments

Bathroom mold can be very obvious or very discrete. When left undetected it can really get out of hand. Mold can cause serious irritations especially to those with existing allergies or those with asthma. Mold is known to cause coughing, wheezing, throat, eye and skin irritation just to name a few.

Bathrooms are the most common room in the house to be the host to a mold problem. Mold thrives on moisture, making bathrooms a most gracious host. Here are the places you might find bathroom mold hiding:

Showers & Tubs

  • Tile Grout
  • Shampoo Bottles
  • Shower Curtains
  • Wash Rags
  • Loofahs
  • Faucet spouts

Sink & Toilet

  • All surfaces (even countertops)
  • Toilet tank
  • Behind toilet
  • Under sink
  • Sink and toilet pipes

Walls & Floors

  • Ceiling above shower
  • Walls around toilet
  • Any areas prone to leaks
  • Bathroom Rugs

Medicine Cabinet

  • Toothpaste caps
  • Lotion bottle
  • Shelving

What You Can Do

Bathroom mold is all too common. It is a problem you have to constantly be working to prevent and dispose of. By frequently cleaning and checking the above areas you should be able to stay on top of it. It’s not realistic to take all the moisture out of your bathroom, but there are some tips on how to keep mold out of the equation:

  • Use fans during and after showers. This will help to minimize the moisture from your steaming hot water. If you bathrooms don’t have built in fans try cracking a window to let that steam filter its way out.
  • Dehumidifier. These aren’t very common in our lovely desert home, but they could do wonders for your bathroom.
  • Keep surfaces clean and dry whenever possible. This is probably the best thing you can do. Mold grows best in dark, moist areas- don’t give it the chance and just keep things dry and clean.
  • Check for leaks. Consistently inspect your bathroom for any leaks or cracks that could cause leaks just to stay ahead of the game.

At Sunrise Cleaning we understand the nature of mold damage and more importantly, the emotional toll. With our professional mold damage restoration staff on the job, you can focus your efforts on other tasks and allow us to assist in restoring your home. If your mold problem gets out of hand, contact us and we will be sure to come to your rescue!