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RV Spring Cleaning

By June 23, 2022No Comments

It’s that time of year! RV cleaning season is upon us! Everyone has them parked out on the front lawn, all the doors and windows open to air those bad boys out and get them ready for another season. Whether you use your campers once a year, or every dang weekend rain or shine, spring cleaning is a must!

Even with a ritual deep cleaning at the end of the season, RV’s and campers are sitting so long they are at risk for a lot of looming problems like mold. To be honest, cleaning out your RV is not a lot different than the cleaning you do at home. The issue is, you clean your home frequently and consistently and your RV just doesn’t get that same attention.

The DIY Struggle

To tackle on this spring cleaning job yourself takes a lot of bravery. Most people open up their RV and let it breathe for 24 hours before even daring to step inside. That should tell you something. What are you afraid of? The musty, moldy rat infested box you use as a temporary home…yeah, I’d be scared too.

For proper RV cleaning from home you will need to clear your whole day to get the job done. After airing it out, you will want to strip everything out that can be stripped. All upholstery, cushions, rugs, curtains, and even all the cupboard doors. Then, you will have to use intense chemicals to make sure you clear out all mold and risk of mold. Scrubbing all day, still running the risk of missing those small nooks and crannies.

‘Glampers’ Excluded

Die hard campers, travelers, hunters, and fisherman (just to name a few) bring a lot of that lifestyle right inside their RV’s and campers. We do our best to keep our campers clean so that they can last us a lifetime, but even with extensive measures, being out in the wilderness really changes what we can control. In the beautiful forest environment, the stretch of flat land you are parked on is about as clean as it gets. Like it or not, all that dirt, sweat, and lake water gets tracked right on in to your home away from home.

Small Space, Big Germs

Sure, in your camper there is a lot less space to clean than in your house; but don’t think for a second that it will be a quicker, easier clean up. In such compact living arrangements, germs get around. Think about how close the kitchen, bathroom, and sleeping arrangements are in your RV. Lots of campers even have kitchen tables that convert into a bed. The convenience is great, but the bacteria spread…not so great. Mixing all the germs of meal, bathroom, and bedtime is a dangerous concoction.

Clean RV, Worry Free

It’s hard to predict when spring is here to stay in Idaho. But, when the weather is ready-you need to be ready to pack up the RV and hit the road! Let Sunrise Cleaning and Restoration get your RV or camper ready for the season! Using the same high quality, professional equipment we use to clean and restore homes, we can get your RV clean as a whistle!

No need to worry about all the time and energy to do it yourself, let the pro’s handle it! This way you can be sure you are getting a great clean, and you can get out and start enjoying this beautiful weather! We offer no cost upholstery and furniture cleaning inspectionsContact Sunrise today to get your RV cleaning appointment scheduled!