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Carpet Care Tips To Get You Through The Holidays

By June 21, 2022No Comments

For carpets, the holiday time can be tough. This is when cold winter weather, snow, and ice may make their debut, along with much heavier foot traffic, due to parties and gatherings, in both residential and commercial facilities.
Sunrise Cleaning has put together some “holiday carpet care tips” to help our clients keep their carpets clean and healthy this busy time of year.

  • Avoid serving red wine, colas, or juice. Instead, serve white wine or champagne, and light color drinks that are less likely to stain carpet.
  • If candle wax has hardened on carpets, scrape off as much as possible using a dull knife or paint scraper. Place a white cloth or several layers of paper towels over the wax and apply a warm iron. The wax should transfer to the cloth or paper towel.
  • Install walk-off mats outside and immediately inside residential and commercial facilities. Also, cover carpeted walkways, especially in food and beverage gathering areas.
  • Increase vacuuming frequencies and vacuum in multiple directions; this helps remove embedded dry soils as well as restores the carpet pile.
  • Spot treat immediately, even during a holiday event, to help prevent staining. A quick and safe way to treat fresh spills is to blot the area using a white cleaning cloth, use cold water, and a small amount of dish washing detergent; then, blot dry.
  • For older spills or spots, first try to identify the spill-a critical step – and then use the appropriate spotter.
  • Finally, have carpets professionally cleaned after the holiday season. Using equipment that heats the cleaning solution improves the effectiveness of the cleaning agents, and is an effective way to help keep carpets clean and healthy into the New Year.

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