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How to Keep Your Carpet Looking Like New

By June 21, 2022No Comments

Try as you might to keep them clean, carpets are way too good at hiding dirt. Dust, dirt, pet dander and any other particles brought into your house sink and settle into your carpet making it very difficult to be cleaned without the right equipment. If you want your carpet to last- it’s necessary that you have a professional help you out every so often.

How Often Should You Seek Help from the Pros

In general, it is recommended that you get your carpets cleaned every 12-18 months. I know, I know that seems like A LOT. But, if you really think about what your carpets go through on a daily basis it’s not that far of a stretch. Add pets or kids to the mix and your carpets are really in trouble.

When particles get trapped in your carpet they rub together and start to break it down. The more particles trapped, the faster your carpet will lose its plush beauty. All the spills and accidents that kids and pets bring to the home might mean your carpets will need extra special attention. In some cases, it’s recommended to get them cleaned every six months to make sure all those nasty spills aren’t sinking through causing more problems.

What You Can Do at Home

Vacuuming regularly is the absolute best thing you can do for your carpet between professional cleanings. You should vacuum at least once a week. It’s important that you don’t give those particles a chance to settle down too far. Vacuum at a slow pace to make sure you are bringing up everything you can.

You can also institute a no shoe rule in the house. This will help reduce the amount of dirt getting tracked through. I know with kids this can seem like an impossible rule to uphold. Even just teaching them to wipe their shoes could go a long way.

And lastly, don’t let spills sit too long. Liquids quickly slip under your carpet making it very difficult to clean. The best technique is to dab up the mess best you can. Rubbing and scrubbing usually just spread the mess and create a bigger problem. Don’t forget to get the area as dry as possible when you are finished to prevent mold growth.

Keep in Mind When DIY-ing

We all have our own special routine to clean our carpets – our go-to solution or steamer. But what if your routine is actually making things worse? Even with the best of intentions, you could be creating more problems for yourself.

Spray on solutions can be great for those small cleanup jobs. The problem is, when not rinsed and cleaned up properly they leave a residue. The residue will break down the carpet just like the dust particles and soil that get caught in the carpet. Not to mention the scrubbing and soaking that is required for a lot of cleaning solutions. Soaking can lead to a mold problem; scrubbing can fray and destroy your carpet in the process.

Let’s talk about that nasty mold. No one wants to hear that mold has entered their home. It is so easily formed yet such a pill to get rid of. If you use a steamer at home it is vital that all the moisture be dried properly and quickly. It only takes mold 24-48 hours to grow and start polluting the air in your home. Steam cleaning is the best way to clear all the nasty particles from your carpet, but it’s safest when left to the pros.

Leave the hard work to Sunrise Cleaning. We use a “Hot Water Extraction” method to be sure that abrasive dirt and soil is effectively removed from your carpet, without the risk of mold. If you have any questions please contact us. Schedule your appointment today and get those carpets looking like new.