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What You Need to Know about Protein Smoke

By June 21, 2022No Comments

When you think of house fires, you think big black billowing smoke filling the air as a beautiful home crumbles to ashes. Thankfully, that is not always the case. Most commonly, house fires leave a big mess but leave the house standing. Though your house may not crumble to ashes, the damage left is nothing short of disastrous.

According to the National Fire Protection Association, 66% of all house fires start with food or other cooking essentials catching fire. Kitchen fires are a nasty business, sometimes more than the victim realizes. Cooking fires can leave a residue called protein smoke. Protein smoke is nearly invisible and very greasy; it is the ultimate hot mess.

The Wrath of Protein Smoke

Once a protein fire is controlled most home-owners will be relieved by the apparent lack of destruction – but oh, how wrong they are. Protein smoke is tricky. It will sit on your walls and unleash its wrath of destruction all while you haven’t a clue. It will start to break down the structure of your home. The nature of this type of smoke will start to break down the integrity of paint, destroy varnishes, and not to mention the smell.

Nothing ruins a house party more than a wretched smell. The odor will not be easy to get rid of either. The longer the film sits, the more the odor will spread. It will travel through the air ducts and fill your entire home. This will make it harder to pinpoint the problem to get it under control. Often times during cleanup the air ducts have to be addressed as well. Just when you thought you conquered the battle with fire, protein smoke comes to try and win the war.

How Protein Smoke is Born

Like I mentioned before, cooking fires make up a huge percentage of fires in the home. Now, you can almost always source a house fire down to human error. Kitchen and cooking fires usually have the same nasty accomplice: grease. The protein smoke residue is made up of a mist of animal fat. This mist is created by a low heat fire quickly turning your meal into an airborne mess.

Why You Need the Pros

A lot of fires leave behind piles of soot, ash, and blackened walls. Protein fires are just the opposite, that’s what makes them such a nuisance. If this happens to you, you might think you can tackle the mess alone. Truth is, this is a mess NO ONE should have to tackle alone. The residue left behind is too tricky and needs the expertise of a professional.

Protect your house from the destruction of a protein fire. Let Sunrise Cleaning come to your rescue. At Sunrise, our experts are trained to know all the varying characteristics of fires and how to get your home back to “pre-loss” condition. Give us a call with any of your questions and contact us to set up your appointment. Remember, we are available 24/7 in case of emergencies.