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Carpet Cleaning Preparations

By June 23, 2022No Comments

Getting your carpet professionally cleaned is so exciting. It makes your home feel fresh and new. You want to make sure that the effects last so you can enjoy that clean for months. Here’s what you can do to prepare for carpet cleaning to make sure you get lasting results.

1. Clarify Your Concerns:

Let your technician know about any concerns you might have before your appointment. These could include problem areas of your carpet, concerns with pet odor, furniture moving, etc.

2. Pre-Vacuum:

It really helps to run a vacuum over the areas to be cleaned. This will remove any dry particles like dust and soil. Really focus on the high-traffic areas. A little vacuuming before a shampooing helps to get a deeper clean.

3. Pin Up Curtains and Drapes:

Basic rule of thumb: anything touching the ground that can be moved, should be. But even curtains that aren’t floor length can be in the way. Make sure they are pinned at least 6 inches off the ground.

4. Get Furniture Ready:

Some companies will move furniture for you, but it helps to get it all the way ready to be moved. Remove any ‘breakables’ from the furniture to start. Clear off the tables, and even remove couch cushions if you can. Move smaller items like lamps and plants out of the area as well. Anything to make it easier for the technicians will save them time and hassle. If they aren’t spending all their time trying to move furniture, they have more time to focus on cleaning.

5. Move Furniture:

Most companies will move couches and end tables but they can’t move everything. Items that won’t be moved: pianos, china cabinets, entertainment centers, heavy dressers, grandfather clocks, antique furniture, and appliances. If you are wanting the carpet cleaned under these types of items you will have to make prior arrangements to have them moved.

6. Kids & Pets:

Make arrangements for the kids and pets to be out of the house if possible on cleaning day. Carpet cleaning comes with potential risks to children and animals if they are present. Be sure to at least keep them away from the rooms being cleaned.

7. Clear the Driveway:

It’s best if the technician can park close to the home. They have lots of heavy equipment. They will also need access to your outdoor water facet. If you can clear a way for them, their job gets a little easier.

8. Prepare for Drying Process:

Drying can take a while so be aware of that. It can help to have extra fans and to keep the home at a comfortable 72 degrees. The faster it dries, the faster you can put your room back together and enjoy your newly cleaned carpets.

Sunrise Cleaning is dedicated to providing you with the BEST carpet cleaning experience. We use a ‘Hot Water Extraction’ cleaning method to get you the best clean, and Airpath fans to speed up the drying process. With either our “Premium” or “Value” service packages, your carpet is cleaned in accordance with IICRC Industry StandardsContact us today with any questions and to schedule your appointment!