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Furniture Cleaning Tips

By June 23, 2022No Comments

You want your furniture to last a long time, we get it. Cleaning it alone is quite the task. While getting a professional clean is the best way to keep your furniture looking and feeling like new; here are some furniture cleaning tips you can do at home.

Know Your Furnishings

Knowing the type of fabric or material you are up against is definitely your first step. Most furniture like couches are made of a ‘blend’ of fabrics. Some of which could be so delicate that they require specialized cleaning. Think of this like a ‘dry clean only’ type situation. If you want to get a proper clean, you need to know your furniture’s composition.

Periodic Cleaning

Here are three things you should be doing regularly to keep your furniture clean:

  1. Rotate Cushions: Once a month or even once every few months should be sufficient. The rotation will help prevent wear on the foam as well as extend time between cleanings.
  2. Vacuum: Soils and particles are easily trapped in fabrics. Vacuuming regularly will prevent these particles from building up and wearing down the material.
  3. Arm Covers: If you can remove them, you gotta wash them. Use a mild detergent with warm water and let dry with low or no heat. It is probably best to wash by hand to prevent any possible damage.

Spots & Stains

The key to fighting spots and stains is to act quickly, and be thorough. Some harsh stains will require a trained hand with proper equipment, but there are steps you can take to clean it yourself.

Step One: Scrape and Blot

Scrapping and blotting, never scrubbing. Scrubbing at a spot or stain will push it into the fibers making it even more difficult to remove. Blot to soak up any excess and scrape to get out harder materials.

Step Two: Rinse

Flush with warm water and blot with an absorbent towel or rag. Make sure to remove as much of the water as possible to prevent mold.

Step Three: Spot Cleaners

Use an appropriate cleaning solution for your furniture type. Follow the instructions on the label and be sure to do a test spot before proceeding.

Step Four: Final Rinse

It is important to not leave behind any residue from the cleaner. A good warm rinse followed up by blotting should do the trick. Again, make sure to blot up as much liquid as possible to prevent mold growth.

At Sunrise Cleaning and Restoration we know furniture cleaning is just as important as carpet cleaning. Our technicians are trained and certified to properly clean even the most delicate of furniture fabrics. Contact us for all of your furniture cleaning needs or questions. Whether you have some troublesome stains, or are just looking for a nice, deep clean; we have got you covered!