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Living with Pets: Keeping a Clean Home

By June 23, 2022No Comments

Fur babies make our lives a lot brighter, but they can make cleaning an absolute nightmare. Even after they are house trained you still have to manage the shedding, messy eating, chewing, dirty paws and foul odors. Here are some tips on keeping your house clean and keeping your sanity while living with your pets.

Keep Them Clean

All your cleaning efforts will be ruined if your furry little friend is loose in the house and hasn’t been bathed in weeks. You will notice that keeping your pet clean will help your house to stay clean as well. Bathe them often, wipe their paws as they come inside and brush and groom their fur regularly.

Designate a Zone

They need their own space just like you do. And by designating a special spot for them you can protect the rest of your home from a takeover. If you allow your pet on your furniture consider using a blanket or throw to protect their go-to cushion.

Invest in a Vacuum

A nice, reliable vacuum can really make a difference for a pet owner. Get a machine you can trust and use it frequently. Don’t let the hair and dust particles get out of control.

Clean Their Stuff

Now that you have a special area set up for your pet, you have to keep it clean. Keep their blankets and bedding clean as well as toys or anything else that they keep around the house.

Quick Response Time

Accidents happen. We get it. Even the most well behaved animal can lose control once in a blue moon. Clean up accidents quickly and thoroughly. Urine can quickly soak into the foam of the carpet and be nearly impossible for you to clean entirely.

Air it Out

Clean pets still carry around an odor. Crack a window every now and then just to air the place out. Fresh air never hurt anybody.

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