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Office Carpet Cleaning

By June 23, 2022No Comments

Without kids and pets running around, you would think you could keep the office clean. A commercial space requires a lot more cleaning than you might realize, especially those carpets. An office, or any public work space requires routine carpet cleaning and maintenance.

Office Carpet Soils


At home, it is easy to enforce a no shoe policy to keep your carpets looking fresh. A no shoe policy at work would cause more problems than it’s worth. Office carpets are subject to high heels and high traffic. While high quality rugs at the entrances will help reduce tracked in dirt and particles, nothing will completely prevent it.


Food and drink might only be allowed in the tiled break room, but that doesn’t mean the carpets are safe. Copiers are still subject to toner mishaps, pens still break and we know your coworkers are far from perfect. Accidents happen. That means stains happen, too.

Wear and Tear

Every work space has a path. We fall into our patterns at work. The office carpet sees and feels those patterns. Heavily trafficked areas quickly wear down a carpet. That’s why you’ll likely never find plush, shagged carpet in an office setting. Firm, flat carpets can still fray. The wear and tear is only increased when dust and dirt particles are trapped in its fibers.

Benefits to Regular Carpet Cleaning

  1. Long Lasting: Regular cleanings prolong the life of the carpet.
  2. Stain Free: If a spill is not properly cleaned it will seep into the fibers and become even more difficult to rectify. Regular cleanings help to prevent and eliminate stained, dingy carpet.
  3. Cleaner Air: Carpet is the perfect place for dust and allergens to lurk. The buildup of these particles leads to poor air quality. Clean carpet- Clean air.
  4. Removal of Harmful Bacteria: Not only do carpets hang onto allergens and dust, but bacteria grows in any neglected environment. Keeping those carpets clean removes harmful bacteria like mold.
  5. Clean Work space: You’ve never heard of poor working conditions caused by an environment that is too clean, right?

When it comes to maintaining a quality professional appearance of your office facility, nobody does a better job than SUNRISE CLEANING. We match the proper cleaning method and maintenance schedule to fit any need and budget. Not only can we keep your carpets looking like new, we offer full janitorial services as well. Contact us to let us know how we can improve your work space.