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Prolong Carpet Life

By June 23, 2022No Comments

A clean carpet makes your home look fresh and like new. Lifespan for carpets range from 5-15 years. But it might not be in the budget to replace your carpets every 5 years. In order to get the full 15 year life span from your carpet you need to be treating it right. Even just every day wear and tear takes its toll on your flooring. Here are 8 great tips on how to prolong carpet life.

1. Shoes, No Service

A no shoe rule can go a long way for your carpets. It helps to keep dirt and other particles where they belong: OUTSIDE. Tracking dirt and dust on your carpets builds up quickly and breaks down the integrity of those fibers. Do your best to enforce a no shoe rule for your family and your guests.

2. Heavy Duty Doormat

Another way to stop that dirt from crossing into your home is to invest in a heavy duty doormat. Something that will really help clear the bottom of your shoes from the day’s dust. This way when the no shoe rule inevitably is broken, the damage will be minimal.

3. Vacuum Frequently

And I mean frequently. Vacuuming should be done at least twice a week. Cleaning your carpets this often will help reduce any buildup of dust and dirt in your carpets, especially in those highly trafficked areas.

4. Vacuum with Purpose

Vacuuming should be a slow, meaningful chore. Don’t just run the machine quickly through the house. Take your time with each stroke to make sure the vacuum has time to pull up all the dirt it can. If this chore becomes daunting: look into the robotic vacuum options to keep your floors clean.

5. Act Fast to Clean Spills

The quicker you are to absorb a spill, the better. Once it soaks in it can be impossible to remove effectively without a professional’s help. Make sure to blot rather than scrub and get all the moisture out that you can. Spills are known for soaking into the second layer of carpeting and causing harmful mold problems. Be sure to clean spills quickly and efficiently to keep your carpets lasting.

6. Shift Traffic

Highly trafficked areas are the first part of your carpet to go. The best way to prevent this is to change the traffic in your home. Rearranging your furniture will do just that. It will give sections of your carpet some space to breath while other areas take the heat.

7. Utilize Rugs

Using rugs helps to preserve highly trafficked areas as well. Rugs are much less expensive to replace and can help save the integrity of your carpet.

8. Deep Clean Regularly

Of course, I have saved the best for last. The best way to prolong carpet life is to get regular professional cleanings. It just isn’t possible for us to get all the dirt out of our carpets alone. For larger families it is recommended that cleanings are done as often as twice a year. With the help of a trusted company in your area, you can give your carpets the clean they deserve.

Let Sunrise Cleaning do the dirty work for you to prolong carpet life. Our premium residential carpet cleaning includes:

  • Pre Vacuuming
  • Application of Pre Conditioner
  • Detail cleaning of corners and edges
  • Double cleaning of Traffic Areas
  • Moving most furniture
  • Use AirPath fans to “Speed” dry carpet
  • Free bottle of “Home Pro” spotter
  • Cleaning meets IICRC Standards
  • 30 Day Guarantee

We want to give your carpets the best chance for survival! Contact us today to get on our schedule!