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Protecting Your Fine Wood Furnishings

By June 23, 2022No Comments

Your fine wood furnishings are a reflection of your home. Taking proper care of these furnishings is the best way to ensure they will last for generations to come. This furniture should be a staple in your home; decorative as well as useful. Wood furniture is known for its durability and longevity, but it needs the proper care. Here are seven great tips to make your pieces last.

1. The Vampire Rule

Keep your wood furniture out of direct sunlight. Curtain those windows if you must. Frequent exposure to sunlight will lead to fading. Simply rearranging furniture can save it from noticeable damage.

2. Steady Temperature

Wood will expand and contract with heat and cold. Drastic and sudden temperature changes will alter the integrity of your furniture. Placement is key. Keep your wood furnishings away from radiators, air conditioners, vents and even windows to be safe.

3. Decorate Delicately

A beautiful antique desk is just calling for a lamp, right? Choose your decorative pieces carefully. Certain plastics contain ingredients that are harmful to wood. Once you’ve selected decorations, be sure to rotate and dust them frequently.

4. Coasters Please

Be the weird neighbor that is strict about coaster usage. Your furniture is worth it. A coaster can solve your plastic decor dilemma as well as protect your furnishings from beverages and flower pots.

5. Jump for Spills

Clean up spills as soon as possible. Don’t even give it a chance to seep into the grooves. Make sure to use the blotting method to collect the entirety of the spill instead of spreading it around. A quick reaction time will save the wood from damage.

6. Don’t Drag

Lift and move, never drag. When moving items across furniture don’t be absent minded. Consciously tell yourself to lift the item and then place it down gently. Acting with care will prolong the life of your furniture.

7. Avoid the All-Purpose

All-purpose cleaners are not meant for your fine wood furnishings. Use specific wood treatments and cleaners every single time. If you are after a quick clean it is better to use a dry cloth than to expose your fine wood furniture to an all-purpose cleaning solution.

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